Talent Mapping
Elite’s talent mapping service offers On-ground business Intel that makes sure you are at the forefront of the staffing market for the finest global technical talent.
Our experienced talent-pool offers their market research approach and rich database to offer you a real-time insight into the current job market scenario.
In short, if you are confused with your recruitment strategies, we can help you in finalizing what kind of talent you need and from where such talents can be procured from…
Whether it’s a senior staff or a mid-level roles, Elite has immense experience in assisting clients in designing active and specific talent acquisition strategies. We have some of the best engineering talent onboard.
We retain our talented candidates by proactively facilitating their transfer from one project to another, in a graceful manner.
As a recruitment specialist firm, we also source experienced professionals for technical permanent positions at executive and management level.
Elite over the years has taken pride in helping clients focus on their recruitment techniques and device a pro-active talent pool plan. By studying market and competitor intelligence Elite can considerably speed up the recruitment process, saving you time, energy and money.

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